About Paloma

I have a degree in Journalism and Social Communications, I am a Social Media Consultant and I have been an early adopter of a broad range of platforms that have emerged throughout the development of the Internet. I am fascinated about the possibilities that emerging web technologies offer to people, companies and organizations.  
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I developed a strong understanding of social media and its relation to the broader media as the editor of the first Chilean medical newspaper online (www.saval.cl). At the Innovation Center of the Chilean Library of National Congress I lead projects that connected citizens to local and national politicians using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr among other social media tools (www.bcn.cl). I further refined my skills as a manager when I lead the implementation a social network for education at the EducarChile Program (www.educarchile.cl). In March 2010 I joined the communications team of ChileAyuda (www.chileayuda.com), a website which was the converging point of the aid efforts for earthquake victims.
I have been invited to speak at many conferences about the latest social media technology. In my lectures I discuss how to implement a successful social media plan that meets the nature and goals of an organization. I demonstrate the opportunities the new platforms provide as democratizing tools and how organizations of all sizes can harness the power of social media effectively.
My desire to innovate and experiment has leaded me to develop my blog www.paloma.cl where I discuss social media, and its effects on our society among other issues. I am the originator and host of PalomaTV, an online videoblog, where I have interviewed many prominent thinkers, creators and activists in the social media arena. I have interviewed Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, and Professor Howard Rheingold of U.C. Berkeley's School of Information, who coined the concepts of "virtual communities" and "smart mobs".
My innovative work in the social media earned me a position as the Chilean representative at the first Social Media Tour in February 2010. The tour was hosted by the U.S. Department of State and, along with 30 prominent online journalists from around the world, I traveled to Washington DC. We met with the directors of New Media at the White House and the State Department and several Congressmen to discuss social media issues. In California we came together with executives from Google, Facebook and Twitter.
My experience has given me a unique perspective. I have been able to see how digital communications have increasingly penetrated the social fabric of developing countries. Building communities using Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other tools according to a plan, I have experienced empirically that social media offer great opportunities to engage people, connect institutions with audiences, strengthen organizations brand, collect data about local situations, and create networks between agents involved in public policy from the highest levels to the social bases.
I can see many things that can be done, such as creating a strong social media plan coordinated with communications strategies, managing innovative ways to engage the audience, helping organizations to connect with each other, articulating specific campaigns, and measuring in a proactive way what people are saying about  many things. 

What I do is not based on using tools for their own sake. I am tinterested in developing strategies and using platforms in an innovative convergent way to achieve goals.

Paloma Baytelman